Kylmyys Streaming Live on Jive, Facebook AND Music for Programmers EP

Starting Sunday, November 4, Kylmyys will stream about every-other Sunday either on Jive.Live or on their Facebook page. Kylmyys is very excited to start streaming live performances again.

The ambient Trip Hop duo is also in the studio finishing up their EP, Music for Programmers. The six-song EP which will be released on the Kylmyys Kollective label on Friday, December 21. The EP will be free as a holiday gift, and it will feature tunes within the synthwave genre with tinges of vaporwave and is greatly inspired by the great Cliff Martinez.

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Kylmyys Releases Their Self-Titled 7" Lathe Cut

The Ambient Trip hop duo, Kylmyys, has released their first 7”. You can purchase the album here at Automation Records. Kylmyys is super excited to get this album out. It contains the instrumental hip-hop track “Wheeler“ and the deep synthwave cut “The Upside Down.“ You might have guessed that the pair are fans of the Netflix original series Stranger Things. Look for Kylmyys to be playing a few Art Walks before 2018 is over including a Thursday, December 6 performance at Seattle’s Axis Pioneer Square. Kylmyys will have copies of their new 7” on hand. If you attend the December art walk at Axis, you can get the record for $6.00.


Ambient Trip Hop Troupe Kylmyys new EP and Tour Plans

Kylmyys Kollective artist, Kylmyys, recently completed the followup to Dusk with their new EP Dawn. As opposed to its Ambient Trip Hop-inspired counterpart, Dawn is super ambient with most of the instrumentation being synthesizer pads, guitar swells, drawn-out saxophone notes and field recordings. Although Dawn will not be released to the masses until Friday 11.03.2017 below are two tracks from the album including the foreboding "Cassandra" which was recently played on Radio Free Brooklyn, during the show Bushwick Garage. 

Kylmyys is currently booking shows for November through the first of the year and in January, they plan to go on a west coast tour from Portland, Oregon up through Vancouver, B.C. The tour will include stops in Portland, Olympia, Tacoma, Billingham, and up to Canada for a show in Vancouver B.C. 

Kylmyys Releases New DUSK EP//J'owl's Nefarious Sidekick Skreech! Makes His Debut

On Friday, June 30 Kylmyys released a new EP titled "DUSK." The album has received favorable press thus far including a mention in The Stranger's Inbox Jukebox You can purchase the album from Kylmyys Kollective by clicking here:

Despite playing various shows around the Pacific Northwest to support the new album along with a bundle of live streams on their Facebook page and on the duo's channel, Kylmyys is already back in the studio writing their followup to DUSK titled DAWN. Whereas DUSK was more Trip Hop and Vapor Trap driven,  the duo stated that DAWN will be more traditional ambient, with warm pads and subtle glitches. You can listen to DUSK below and also check out the video Kylmyys released for the single off the new album called N I G H T V I S I O N.  Also, be sure to check out the debut album from J'owls mischievous homie, Skreech!. It's a noise album that does not "annoyse."  

Live Streams Galore!

It is without a doubt that the live music experience is changing everyday. Many musical acts are streaming their live shows on such websites as Krue.TV and Facebook. Kylmyys Kollective artists, J'owl, Kylmyys, and Vamp Oscura have enthusiastically jumped on board with this and will be streaming about once a week. Check out the Kylmyys Kollective Twitch account here. The J'owl Krue streaming url is and the Vamp Oscura Krue TV streaming URL is You can see past live streams as well by visiting these links. Also, you can watch past streams here: and here

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Kylmyys releases their new album, ISODOPE

For their fourth studio release, Kylmyys gives their sound some street flava while remaining true to their ambient industrial roots. From the duo's BandCamp page:
"Isodope is the street-inspired sibling of the more experimental Isostatic: It is an album with melodies that get sucked into black holes and shot out into different times and dimensions. Although its songs often explore themes far-removed from an urban existence, Isodope sounds like it is being transmitted from a pirate radio station facing a dimly-lit alleyway. However, the the context of time and era is unclear, Envision a '50s beat poet trying to explain the world from the distant future where some actually believe that 2+2 equals 5. "

You can purchase the new album here on BandCamp and check out the streaming performance in honor of their new release originally broadcast on the Kylmyys Kollective Twitch TV account and posted below.

J'owl is Busking around Town and Needs Your Votes!

Kylmyys Kollective's J'owl is taking jazz into the cyberpunk realm and has been streaming on the label's Twitch Tv account. Check out his stream, posted below, for his newest release, Pulsatrix available here on BandCamp.  Also, J'owl has entered a contest where six winning contestants from around the world form this busking band and get to perform in Australia for a reality TV series.  Go here to vote for him:

J'owl Releases "Pulsatrix"

Kylmyys Kollective artist J'owl released his debut recently! Pulsatrix is the first cyberpunk jazz extended play to be released exclusively as a sticker. WARNING: DO NOT PURCHASE THE $999 OPTION ON THIS PAGE. SELECT THE $3 STICKER OPTION. You will receive an immediate download of the EP once you've ordered your sticker.