Kylmyys Media is a Seattle-based multimedia company run by skilled and versatile audio/video engineers, producers, and designers. Currently specializing in audio-engineering, live performance, graphic design and web programming, we have the tools and skills to meet your multimedia needs. We are musicians; we are producers and engineers; we are copy writers and editors. We are Kylmyys Media. Contact us today at or 206.683.7451 with your multimedia needs, and we’ll work with you to make your vision a reality.

About Kylmyys Media:
•    Founded in August 2014
•    Partnership between polymath artists Jason Chamberlain (Oopz/J'owl) and Brian Kidd (Vamp Ocura)
•    Part of the Kylmyys Kollective umbrella
•    Genesis is Kylmyys, an electronic ambient/trip hop duo from Seattle, WA. 
“Kylmyys composed original music for Local Treasure! I am grateful to be working with such powerful and inspiring musicians!” Christy X of Guerrilla Films. 
"I was so pleased with the web site that Kylmyys Media made for Steve's Café and our customers have made comments on how great it is with the coloring and the placement of items - couldn't have been better. It's to the point without a lot of foo foo." Marlene Hofer from Steves Café in Bothell, Washington.