Ambient Trip Hop Troupe Kylmyys new EP and Tour Plans

Kylmyys Kollective artist, Kylmyys, recently completed the followup to Dusk with their new EP Dawn. As opposed to its Ambient Trip Hop-inspired counterpart, Dawn is super ambient with most of the instrumentation being synthesizer pads, guitar swells, drawn-out saxophone notes and field recordings. Although Dawn will not be released to the masses until Friday 11.03.2017 below are two tracks from the album including the foreboding "Cassandra" which was recently played on Radio Free Brooklyn, during the show Bushwick Garage. 

Kylmyys is currently booking shows for November through the first of the year and in January, they plan to go on a west coast tour from Portland, Oregon up through Vancouver, B.C. The tour will include stops in Portland, Olympia, Tacoma, Billingham, and up to Canada for a show in Vancouver B.C.