Kylmyys Releases New DUSK EP//J'owl's Nefarious Sidekick Skreech! Makes His Debut

On Friday, June 30 Kylmyys released a new EP titled "DUSK." The album has received favorable press thus far including a mention in The Stranger's Inbox Jukebox You can purchase the album from Kylmyys Kollective by clicking here:

Despite playing various shows around the Pacific Northwest to support the new album along with a bundle of live streams on their Facebook page and on the duo's channel, Kylmyys is already back in the studio writing their followup to DUSK titled DAWN. Whereas DUSK was more Trip Hop and Vapor Trap driven,  the duo stated that DAWN will be more traditional ambient, with warm pads and subtle glitches. You can listen to DUSK below and also check out the video Kylmyys released for the single off the new album called N I G H T V I S I O N.  Also, be sure to check out the debut album from J'owls mischievous homie, Skreech!. It's a noise album that does not "annoyse."