Kylmyys releases their new album, ISODOPE

For their fourth studio release, Kylmyys gives their sound some street flava while remaining true to their ambient industrial roots. From the duo's BandCamp page:
"Isodope is the street-inspired sibling of the more experimental Isostatic: It is an album with melodies that get sucked into black holes and shot out into different times and dimensions. Although its songs often explore themes far-removed from an urban existence, Isodope sounds like it is being transmitted from a pirate radio station facing a dimly-lit alleyway. However, the the context of time and era is unclear, Envision a '50s beat poet trying to explain the world from the distant future where some actually believe that 2+2 equals 5. "

You can purchase the new album here on BandCamp and check out the streaming performance in honor of their new release originally broadcast on the Kylmyys Kollective Twitch TV account and posted below.