Happy Summer and New Website!

Hello and welcome to the new Kylmyys Media website. You may notice a few changes in this web space, since the site is still under construction.


Kylmyys will be releasing a new LP titled Music for a Documentary sometime in July or early August. This album was a bit of a departure for the ambient/trip hop duo in that it is has more of an indie-rock flava. These tracks were used for the documentary Local Treasure produced by friends of Kylmyys Media, Guerrilla Films and William Pierce Films.

New Kylmyys Kollective artist, J'owl will be releasing his debut EP,  "Pulsatrix" this summer. We are very excited about this new experimental jazz artist and his cyberpunk ways!

Of honorable Mention: Another friend of Kylmyys Media, Eraser Face, has been concocting some luscious beats in the lab: check his music out on soundcloud!